A place for convergence and artistic experiment, Maumau is located in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. The house, where it is installed, was built in 1938 and, today, is one of the few situated in the neighborhood of Espinheiro which preserves its original features.  Resisting with love against the  intense real estate speculation and the growing urban  verticalization undertaken in its surroundings, Maumau is an oasis inserted in one of the main traffic bottlenecks existing in the city.

Between fruit trees and a small kitchen garden, there is an art gallery, studios, residences, bar and a large living room for classes, rehearsals and other experiences. It's backyard functions from Monday to Friday, also as a co-working place. The space hosts various events and is Aldo available for rentals.

By promoting a dialogue between the different languages ​​of contemporary art and political activism, the actions experienced at Maumau stimulate the creation and articulation of collaborative networks between agents that compose the independent arts circuit. Organic in nature, its activities still prioritize the slowdown. A time for more natural, more humane creation!

Maumau is designed to share ideas, knowledge, experiences and affections. To speak of its history is to speak of partnerships. The house is occupied by Gráfica Lenta (collective printmaking studio), Beto Normal (stylist), Ventania tattoo studio, Sala Monstra and Mamas bar.
Irma Brown is responsible for managing the space, where she lives and works, sharing actions and projects with artists, producers, designers, etc. All of this makes Maumau a shelter and engine in the creation of multiple forms of micropolitics.

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